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Session 10: Orius's Tower








The Realm of Elrün

An ancient world with many secrets forgotten by time. Many millennia ago four gods created a place rich in resources and knowledge. These ancient creators then charged angels to guard and keep it safe. Now those guardians are missing.

The Realm of Han

Floating islands, sky ships, and a conflict of resources. Though, don’t forget the ravenous spectres that seek out the injured and kill with a touch. The denizens of Han don’t live in fear. This thriving world has many tricks to aid in their survival.

The Realm of Shakai

The oldest known realm in all of existence. Great Gods created it, were worshipped, and then they left. Over time other gods visited, until one day they too left. The cycle repeated… again and again and again. Upon the stones and bones of those fallen, civilizations ascended until they too fell to time. Being so old and so rich comes with a price. Shakai is an abandoned realm, now dying as the threads of creation are dissipating.